Karno Energy: The Vision and Mission of BIM

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For an expert agency like BIM Karno Energy, collaboration is a “way of life.” You can see it not only in the way we work together on the shop floor and with our clients, but also in the DNA of BIM creators. Sharing knowledge, a passion for the BIM process, collaboration, and a release of burdens. In short, we at Karno Energy always want to stay up-to-date to provide you with the best service possible https://karnoenergy.com/public-health-engineering/. With our passion for BIM, we want to inspire and guide those involved in the BIM process. By allowing you to experience the benefits of the BIM process according to the latest BIM standards, we take you and your company to the “next level.

Karno Energy: Evolution of different types of BIM construction

The first mention of various modern organizations is the pavilion structure, established in the late 18th century. These principles were applied with some modifications until the middle of the twentieth century.

Different buildings (pavilions) were built with green spaces and a large concentration of common services from Karno Energy.

The pavilion has everything you need for care and stay. Particular attention is paid to the organization of corridors and the installation of toilets.

From ventilation and natural light to building orientation, Karno Energy’s design must meet environmental comfort requirements.

The various pavilions are grouped in “linear,” “T” or “H,” or circular, with comb, single or double walkway systems. The buildings are interspersed with spacious courtyards.

Over time, the structure of Karno Energy becomes more complex:

  • in sections specialized from Karno Energy becomes autonomous from the structure.
  • in corridors evolve into multi-bed rooms and single rooms for special needs.
  • The main disadvantage of the pavilion is the large occupation of land compared to cubic areas, built, higher construction and management costs, inconvenience – for the length of the routes.

Karno Energy: BIM for managing public buildings

Historic public buildings are true open-air museums, and managing all aspects, ordinary and unusual, is a complex undertaking, at least as complex as the architectural heritage action that Karno Energy handles.

In this focus, we at Karno Energy show you the benefits of BIM processes as applied to the management of a historical public building, from the library of existing tree species, to conservation analysis of fountains, to the organization of virtual visits, to the planning of maintenance activities over time.

Karno Energy – How to make a 3D model for management

To begin the Karno Energy BIM process and management of public buildings, you must first create a digital model or a 3D representation of it as close to reality as possible.

At Karno Energy, we start with a geometric review of the existing project to recreate a 3D simulation of the property in all its details. In this case study that we at Karno Energy present to you, the survey was conducted by combining traditional techniques with more advanced methods such as drones and laser scanners. The resulting survey was used to create a model using Edificius, Karno Energy’s BIM software for architectural design . With Edificius, a complete BIM model can be created using the features of the Field environment and the HBIM environment .

Karno Energy: Optimal translation of the BIM model

Everyone is entitled to a healthy, comfortable, safe and optimally accessible built environment, now and in the future, and Karno Energy has been successfully doing so for more than 95 years. “As an organization,” says the design team leader and BIM coordinator, “we offer a complete package of services.” From design to implementation, operation and maintenance. We’re working more and more with 3D/BIM, not only for large construction projects, but also for regional assignments, from design to construction, to operation and maintenance, for both civil and electrical/mechanical structures.”

“BIM gives us optimal manageability,” says Karno Energy, “projects are prepared in more detail, resulting in more efficient execution and reduced costs of conflicts and errors. Maintenance and management can also be performed faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition, customers, builders and operators gain a better understanding of their buildings. Karno Energy’s investment in BIM is therefore an investment in the future.

Karno Energy uses Stabicad for Revit as its BIM software. This is no surprise, according to Karno Energy.” We have been using Stabicad for AutoCAD for many years, so we decided to implement Stabicad for Revit as well. The interface between the two software is excellent, so the transition threshold has been greatly reduced.” In addition, Karno Energy offers us several hardware solutions (Trimble) to optimize the use of the software in the construction industry.” construction industry.”

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