Fuel Hose Connector for Parsun Yamaha Mariner Standard (REC6G1-24304-02)


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Brand New part with 12 months warranty, from Bill Higham Marine – THE MOST TRUSTED name in outboard engine parts
– a UK based family company for 45 years!

Product Description


Fuel Fitting Male Parsun Yamaha Mariner Standard
0.04 LBS
Unit of Measure:
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN):

This product replaces:

    F4-05000200 / 6G1-24304-00, 6G1-24304-01, 6G1-24304-02, 6G1-24304-10, 6G12430400, 6G12430401, 6G12430402, 6G12430410

      Male fuel hose quick connector (for engine end) used by Yamaha based connectors

      6mm mounting bolt

      For Yamaha models:

      F50 60A 2003-2010
      E30 60B 2003
      F40 60K 2002
      F6A / F6M 60N 2005-2009
      F6B 60P 2005-2006
      F8C / F8M 60R 2005-2014
      FT8 / T8P 60S 2005-2014
      25Q 61C 1990-1994
      E25 61N 1998
      25V 61R 1996-2001
      FT50 61S 2003-2007
      30G 61T 1996-2000
      60G 62F 1993-2007
      25B 62U 1994-1995
      50H 62W 1995-2000
      50H 62X 1997-2003
      F50 62Y 1995-2007
      40V 63B 1995-2015
      40V 63C 1995-2015
      C40 / 40V 63D 1995-2003
      50H 63G 1995-2000
      9.9F 63V 1995-2015
      15F 63W 1995-2015
      FT50 64J 1996-2002
      E15 65F 2003
      F20 65P 2003-2006
      F20 / F25 65W 1998-2009
      F15 66M 1998-2007
      F9.9C 66N 1998-2008
      4BC 66P 2003
      FT9.9 66R 1999-2008
      13.5A 66S 2003-2004
      E40 66T 1998-2015
      F40 66W 1999-2002
      E8D 677 1997-2003
      F40 67C 2000-2009
      F4A 67D 1998-2000
      75C / 75D 67P 2003-2015
      F4A 67W 2000
      85A 688 1990-1994
      30A 689 1985-1992
      F4A 68D 2001-2009
      40Y 68P 2003-2005
      F6A / F6M 68R 2000-2004
      FT60 / T60 68S 2003-2006
      F8C / F8M 68T 2000-2004
      FT25 / T25 68U 2000-2009
      75A 692 1990-2007
      25D 695 1985-2001
      E48 696 2003
      55B 697 1990-2002
      F15 69A 2001-2007
      FT9.9 69C 2000-2002
      E60 69D 2001-2014
      F6B 69F 2001-2004
      FT8 / T8E 69G 2001-2004
      F30 69H 2001-2009
      E25 69P 2003
      25B 69R 2001-2010
      30H 69S 2003-2012
      F13.5 69V 2002-2007
      F60 69W 2002-2007
      E55 6A3 2003-2005
      20C 6A9 1985-2015
      F20 6AH 2007-2022
      F40 6AK 2006-2022
      F9.9 6AU 2008-2012
      FT9.9 / T9.9 6AV 2008-2012
      E9.9 6B3 2003
      E15D 6B4 2003
      F40 6BG 2009-2022
      T25 / FT25 6BL 2009-2022
      F25 6BP 2009-2018
      F30 6BT 2009-2022
      F4B 6BV 2010-2014
      F6A 6BW 2010-2014
      F6C 6BX 2010-2014
      F50 6C1 2005-2022
      FT50 / T50 6C2 2005-2022
      F60 6C5 2005-2022
      T60 / FT60 6C6 2005-2022
      F9.9 6CA 2009-2022
      F70 6CJ 2011-2022
      30D 6CT 2011-2016
      F40 6CY 2011-2022
      F20 6DN 2011-2017
      F9.9 6DR 2013-2022
      4AC 6E 0 1985-2003
      4AS 6E 1 1987-1996
      5C 6E 3 1985-2015
      5CS 6E 4 1987-1997
      9.9D 6E 7 1985-1995
      15D 6E 8 1985-1995
      FT9.9 / T9.9 6EA 2013-2022
      F4B / F4M 6EC 2014-2022
      F6A 6ED 2014-2022
      F6C / F6M 6EE 2014-2022
      E40 / 40G 6F6 2003
      FT8 6FX 2015-2022
      8C 6G1 1984-1996
      F9.9 6G8 1985-1999
      F9.9 6G9 1985-1999
      80A 6H0 1984-2012
      90A 6H1 1984-2018
      60F 6H2 1984-2007
      70B 6H3 1984-2017
      40H 6H4 1984-1994
      50D 6H5 1984-1994
      6C 6H6 1984-1996
      6D 6H8 1984-1996
      70CE 6J2 1990
      E40 / 40J 6J4 2003
      F8A / F8B 6J6 1988-1989
      F8B 6J7 1985-1999
      30D 6J8 1986-2010
      E60 6K5 1996-1997
      25J 6K9 1987-1999
      25N 6L2 1988-2016
      20D / 25D 6L3 1988-2011
      5CM 6M0 1999
      6C / 6TR 6M8 1997-2012
      6D 6M9 1997-2007
      8C / 8TR 6N0 1997-2012
      30D 6N3 1998
      F13.5 6P7 2005-2007
      40Q 6R6 1990-1998
      4A 6E 2 1987
      F15 6AG 2016-2022
      F25 6FM 2017-2022
      F8F 6FW 2016-2022
      40X / E40 6GK 2016-2020
      4C 6GP 2016-2020
      F20 6GX 2017-2018
      F20 6HY 2019-2022
      F6D 6MC 2022

      This part is from UK stock here at Bill Higham Marine, the most trusted British marine parts seller, buy with the confidence that you will get exactly what is described here!
      If you need confirmation that this part is right for your engine

      please send us engine details (engine make, model and serial number),
      and we will check for you.

      Bill Higham Marine don’t sell the cheapest engines on eBay, if you want a bit of a bargain then there are plenty  45years on here – “sold as seen” “no comebacks” “parts only” etc.

      We are not in that kind of business, what we sell is quality used engines, which have been checked and re-checked to make sure that every part is in good working order and ready to give years of great service.

      This promise is ALWAYS backed by us with a robust, no quibble warranty if things go wrong – you will be pleased you bought from Bill Higham Marine! 

      So if that’s the kind of service you require then well done, you found us! 


      Bill Higham Marine is a warm family run business, we’ve been here for 45 years now and we are very  proud of our solid reputation for delivering a quality product to our valued customers at the right price.

      Our two branches – in Manchester run by Bill Higham, for all your spare parts and used outboard needs,  and our new North Wales branch run by Simon Higham   for new and used outboard sales, inflatable boat sales center  and engine spares and repairs, we are ready to help.  Our advice is free and impartial – something refreshing in the marine industry!  So if we don?t have exactly the right engine, inflatable boat, or part of your application, we’ll tell you so.

      But with over 200 outboards always in stock and over 100 inflatables in stock at any one time,  we are sure to be able to steer you towards the right decision for you and your application.

      We are proud of our broad customer base who keep returning time after time, we have much repeat business 

      These guys depend on their outboards for their livelihoods and lives, they trust us and so should you.


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      Additional information

      Weight 0.40 kg
      Dimensions 2 × 10 × 11 cm



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