Talamex Aqualine 250 Air Floor Inflatable and Parsun 6hp Engine Package


this Boat is packed with Parsun 6hp Manual Start Short Shaft Engine

6hp Parsun 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Manual Start


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Comfortable and convenient

The Talamex Aqualine QLA with air floor is a boat with a keel. This creates a v-bottom that benefits the sailing charasteristics. Thanks to the v-bottom it is possible to have the boat planing. In addition the inflatable bottom increases the sitting comfort and preparing the boat is easy. The ideal tender boat with excellent sailing characteristics.

QLA Air floor: The inflatable floor and keel create a V-shape floor, which give the boat good sailing qualities.

TALAMEX AQUALINE: Affordable quality

You are looking for an affordable boat, suitable for young and old and with a nice standard equipment? Then theTalamex Aqualine is thé boat for you! Talamex Aqualine inflatable boats are complete boats with a basic equipment. In the standard package of the Talamex Aqualine inflatable boats you will find: repair kit, sliding seat, paddles, stainless steel towing eyes, mooring line, stowbag, fender on the boats for extra protection and a hand pump.

The boats are available with a slatted, air floor or aluminium floor, in length ranging from 200cm till 350cm. On all boats is a 2 year warranty and all Talamex boats are CE certified by the Dutch Marine Inspection making them meet all European requirements!
  Talamex Aqualine


Length250cm / 2.5m
Width152cm / 1.52m
Weight (incl. paddles)25.2kg
Max Load Weight400kg
Max Engine4.4kW / 6hp
Max Persons2 adults + 1 child
Number Air of Chambers3 + 1 + 1
Tube Diameters41cm


Talamex Aqualine Features

Parsun 6hp F6ABMS Details

New lightweight single-cylinder PARSUN F6A four stroke with a manual starter and tiller handle. Enhanced features include a larger shift handle, toggle clamp, and throttle grip than in other motors of the same class. Low vibration rubber mounts are fitted between the powerhead and bottom cowling and at the base of the tiller handle, and a balance weight on the tiller handle effectively reduces vibration of the same.
Front and back, large easy grip carry handles make these engines easily transportable and, very importantly, the engine can be stored on either side or on its front without leaking engine oil due to PARSUN’s original oil leak prevention system. This means you will no longer have to worry about oil leakage when carrying the engine in the trunk of your car. A wet sump system with oil lubrication pump, as used in higher-end models, provides more reliability in engine lubrication. An auto decompression device fitted to the camshaft makes the manual starter much lighter to pull. A small, auxiliary prime pump is fitted to the fuel pipe before the carburetor in the cowling. By ensuring delivery of fuel to the carburetor, the engine can be started smoothly even after long-term storage. A DC 12 volt-6 amp alternator can be optionally fitted to provide electricity if required.

1. Exhaust through the middle of propeller so as to get low noise and low vibration for extra comfort.
2. Spiral bevel gear, stronger, run more quietly and can be used for higher reduction ratios with longer life.
3. High – strength clutch, more reliable and better performance.
4. Use ball bearing and needle bearing for driver shaft, long life and better performance.
5. Besides the oil dip-stick, also equipped with oil watch window.
6. Convenient auxiliary prime pump in cowling for easy starting after long storage. A small auxiliary prime pump is fitted to the fuel pipe before the carburetor in the cowling. By ensuring the delivery of fuel to the carburetor, the engine can be started smoothly even after long storage.
7. Bigger displacement, 3-5% more power output.
8. Wet-sump, forced bath lubrication system, protect the engine better.
9. CDI Ignition for easy start in all conditions: idle speed will be down to 1200~1300rpm (the fuel consumption will be reduced) and more quiet at idle speed by such new system

Other advantages:
1. Large carry handles for convenience and comfort.
2. Easy to use steering and large shift lever.
3. Built-in 1.3L fuel tank. F5A and F6A all have a built- in 1.3L fuel tank, eliminating the need for an external tank.
4. Position oil leak-free storage system: 3-position oil leak-free storage system offers an easy way to store your engine, whether you’re carrying it in a boat, a car, or a trailer.


Weight27 kg
Max Output
Full Throttle RPM Range
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Weight83 kg


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