Torqeedo Power 26-104 High-performance Lithium Battery 2685 Wh 2103-00

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The perfect high-end lithium battery for the Cruise  Or for your on-board power supply.

Choosing lithium means choosing high performance. Choosing the Power 26-104, also means choosing an unrivaled level of professional safety. The Power 26-104 is equipped with a comprehensive safety system combining the requirement for general operating safety with safety in maritime use.

Thanks to plug&play, the Power 26-104 can be installed and activated in a few short steps. And with a 5-stage safety concept, it is arguably the safest battery of its kind for boats.

Its long life expectancy and low capacity losses are convincing.


Power 26-104 – Benefits:

  • Up to 70% less battery weight than AGM or gel batteries.
  • Maximum safety thanks to 5-tier safety system, including battery management system with one-fault safety.
  • Simple operation.
  • Waterproof to IP67.
  • Features
  • *High-performance lithium battery 2,685 Wh
  • *Rated voltage 25.9 V, charge 104 Ah
  • *Weight 24,3 kg
  • *Including battery management system with integrated protection against overcharging, short circuit, deep discharge, polarity reversal, overheating and submersion
  • *Waterproof to IP67
Equipment included: 
Power 26-104 high-performance lithium battery 2,685 Wh (25.9 V / 104 Ah), data cable for connection to Cruise drives
  • Warranty

        2 years for non-commercial use

Part# 2103-00
EAN: 4260113692608


This part is used for

  • Torqeedo Cruise Electric Outboard
  • Cruise 10.0 R (Cruise 10.0 RS 1240-00 | Cruise 10.0 RL 1241-00 | Cruise 10.0 RXL 1242-00)
    Cruise 4.0 R (Cruise 4.0 RS 1232-00 | Cruise 4.0 RL 1233-00 )
  • Cruise 4.0 T (Cruise 4.0 TS 1236-00  | Cruise 4.0 TL 1237-00 )
  • Cruise 2.0 R (Cruise 2.0 RS 1230-00 | Cruise 2.0 RL 1231-00 )
  • Cruise 2.0 T (Cruise 2.0 TS 1234-00  | Cruise 2.0 TL 1235-00 )
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General features
Capacity 2,685 Wh
Nominal voltage 25.9 V
Final charging voltage 29.05 V
Final discharging voltage 21.0 V
Nominal charge 104 Ah
Maximum discharge rate 180 A Safety function against short-circuit, must not be used as starter battery
Maximum discharge rate at nominal voltage 4,500 W
Weight 24.3 kg
Dimensions (L x H x B) 577.5 mm x 218.5 mm x 253.5 mm
Volume 32 l
Battery chemistry Li NMC
Benchmark information
Energy density (weight) 110 Wh/kg
Energy density (volume) 84 Wh/l
Price-performance EUR 0.93 /Wh
Power density (weight) 185 W/kg
Power density (volume) 141 W/l
Lifetime data
Cycle lifetime 800 cycles with 100%
discharge depth at 25°C
result in capacity loss of approx. 25%
Average annual capacity loss Approx. 4% at 25°C ambient temperature
Usage information
Cell operating temperature -20°C to +60°C Battery protects itself
Cell charging temperature   0°C to +55°C Battery protects itself
Temperature (storage) -30°C to +55°C
Typical storage time at 50% SOC 1 year When switched off
Max. connections 2S8P or 1S16P Please contact Torqeedo if larger battery banks required
Max. quick charge 100 A Charging time < 1.2 hours
Protection class IP67 Waterproof, can be submerged to depth of 1 metre for 30 minutes without damage
Battery composition
Number of cells 336
Cell housing Steel cylinder safety cells
Capacity per cell 2.25 Ah
Nominal voltage per cell 3.7 V
Cell connection 7s48p
Battery management system and safety
On-off switch Yes Via Cruise or motors or on/off switch
Cell balancing Yes Increases the battery lifetime
High-current and short-circuit protection Yes 4-level safety cut-out mechanism to protect against short-circuits and overcurrent
Deep discharge protection Yes, cut-off at < 2.7 V per cell,
charge protection at < 2 V per cell
Protection against incorrect charging Yes 3 protection levels against overcharging
Protection against polarity reversal Yes
Individual cell voltage monitoring Yes
Current interruption device (CID) for each cell Yes
Safety vent for each cell Yes
Cell temperature monitoring Yes
Temperature monitoring of battery electronics Yes
Automatic shutdown in the event of submersion Yes
Information system
Interface RS485
Electronic battery identification Yes Important for connecting multiple batteries into battery banks
Data logging Yes Important for warranty information
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We take safety at sea very seriously, so you will find many features on our outboards that are there specifically to keep you safe. Every Parsun outboard engine is fitted with a kill cord – USE IT!! you’re an idiot if you don’t. People die every year by not wearing this simple, invaluable safety device. Other invaluable safety features include an automatic reverse lock (the bit that stops the engine from jumping out of the water when you accelerate in reverse), and Start-In-Gear protection (so you can’t start the engine in gear), larger engines have a neutral gear rev limiter so you can’t hurt your engine too! When you buy a Parsun outboard you become part of the family…. and we look after our family.

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