Bombard COMMANDO C3/380 Tender and Inflatable Boat

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Bombard COMMANDO C3/380 Tender and Inflatable Boat


The Bombard Commando C3 is a boat made for action! It was built without embellishments: rigid keel, aluminum floor, it makes its way with power and precision, in all circumstances. Is it a surprise that it attracted explorers as well as fishing and spearfishing fans?

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Bombard COMMANDO C3/380
The Commando c3 is a boat designed for action with its rigid keel and aluminum floor. It traces its course with power and precision in all circumstances. Not a surprise that it entices explorers, fishing or underwater hunting enthusiasts.

The Pros:

  • Monobloc anodized aluminum floor that is rot-resistant, non-corrodible, and resistant to chocks.
  • Antichafing strip with ultra-wide profile
  • Rigid keel in 3 articulated elements (Bombard exclusive): built up without tools and with a gullwind hull shape.Strongan™ Duotex™ fabric


  • Hull
    • Rigid keel in 3 articulated elements with quick build-up without tools
    • Monobloc anodized aluminum deck with rail
    • One aluminum engine support plate
    • Attach point for launching wheels
    • Two drains for flushing
  • Buoyancy tube
    • Strongan™ Duotex™ fabric 2×1100 decitex
    • Assembled by thermobandage welding
    • Easy push valve
    • Headline lashing + front coaming
    • Deflector anti-chafing strip with ultra-wide profile
    • 2 “D” tow rings
    • 2 “D” lift rings
    • Four exterior handles
    • One front metallic handle
    • Cone reinforcements
  • Standard equipment
    • 2 transport bags with multiple pockets
    • Two paddles
    • One air-pump
    • One maintenance tool kit
    • One owner’s manual
  • Optional equipment
    • 1-seater jockey console
    • Mini-console on bench
    • Bench on rail
    • Rigid deck + flap
    • Launching wheels
    • Fishing rod holder
    • Mooring cover
    • Maneuvering roller
    • Electric pump with 12V pressure regulator
    • Rigid lateral ladder
    • Bravo pressure indicator

Disclaimer: Outboard and trailer not included in the advertised price. We can fit the engine of your choice to This package, our recommendation would of course be Mariner or Mercury as they have some awesome models. Trailers we are dealers for Extreme and Indespension. So get in Touch and let’s plan your next boat!

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Additional information

Weight 98 kg
Overall Length

3.8 M – 12’6” FT

Inside Length

2.5 M – 8’2” FT

Width Overall

1.75 M – 5’9” FT

Inside Width

0.84 M – 2’9” FT

Tube Diameter

0.455 M – 1’6” FT

Number Of Passengers


Maximum Payload

750 KG – 1654 LBS

Number of Watertight Compartments




Maximum Allowed Power

40 HP – 30 KW

Max. Allowed Engine Weight

98 KG

Max speed

56 Km/h – 35 Mph

Categories of Concept


Length of Hull at 1st Buoyancy Bag

1.15 M – 3’9” FT

Width of Hull at 1st Buoyancy Bag

0.55 M – 1’10” FT

Height of Hull at 1st Buoyancy Bag

0.3 M – 0’12” FT

Length of the 2nd floor bag

0.98 M – 3’3” FT

Width of the 2nd floor bag

0.55 M – 1’10” FT

Height of the 2nd floor bag

0.15 M – 0’6” FT


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