Trade In your old Outboard

The legendary Bill Higham Marine Outboard Scrappage Scheme! (So good it even rhymes)
The deal is simple - give us your old outboard of the same hp and stroke and some money (the price you see on the ad) and we will give you a brand shiny new one of the same hp!
This is offer available on any make that we can supply and on any HP
We just want you to rest easy as shipping engines around the UK including taking part exchange is what we do, we’ve been at it now since 1995 when we were the first UK company to offer mail order outboard engines, we have this process dialed in to be as easy as possible for you.

So what are you waiting for? get clicking!

OK you’ve got some questions first, we get that, here are some common Q&A’s:


NO problem, we can send the new engine out first and you can use that packaging, we’ll even take care of the return postage costs in some instances.

YES it has to be the same HP & stroke, and if it isn’t don’t worry! Just get in touch – we’re very flexible on what we will take – just bare in mind there may be an adjustment in the cost if you aren’t swapping like for like, but we will be open and honest right the way through, so you can see exactly where your money is going.

NO probs at all we prefer newer engines! So send us some pics and a description of the condition of your current engine and we will get back to you with a great px deal that works for both of us.

There is no easy way to say this but tough stuff! Really sorry but this is not a government run scheme and we aren’t a charity, so don’t expect the world on a plate as we do have to make a small profit on our deals, otherwise we wouldn’t be here for much longer to offer awesome service to our great customers!