4 Stroke Parsun Outboards

The Parsun range of 4 stroke outboard engines is small but perfectly formed. Offering engines in horsepower range from the tiny and light weight 2.6hp, up to the not so tiny, but still light in its class 60hp EFI model, there’s a Parsun for every occasion!

Parsun are innovators, for instance did you know that the Parsun 9.8hp 4 stroke is the lightest 10hp 4 stroke outboard ever built? well at 35kg its true! So whether you need a small light weight and compact engine for a tender or inflatable boat, or a compact and fuel efficient powerhouse for your 16ft fast fisher, Parsun outboards have you covered.

Parsun outboards are the best priced mainstream engines in the marine market, but don’t think that a price saving comes at the expense of quality or reliability. And to prove that, don’t forget to check out our warranty terms, they’re unique in the marine trade, no dealer servicing requirements during the 3 year comprehensive parts and labour warranty will sure cut the costs of ownership even further!

Parsun Outboard Parts Finder

Congratulations Parsun owners, you’re part of the fastest growing outboard brand on planet earth,
and now you found the one-stop Parsun parts shop, your go-to hideout for everything Parsun!

40hp Parsun 2 Stroke Outboard Motor

2 Stroke Outboard

The two stroke outboards are lightweight and compact yet deliver high power output. The engine structure is relatively simple and maintenance is exceedingly easy.

2 stroke outboards are for sale to non-pleasure users only. This comprises, but is not exclusive to: Racing, Safety boats, commercial applications – for businesses, rescue etc. 

Electric Outboards

With the development of the new technology and increasingly stringent environmental requirements, in order to satisfy clients more, Elco Motor Yachts,LLC in USA & PARSUN Power Machine Co., Ltd cooperate to develop the electric outboards. It has applied US high-tech patents, designed to be clean and quiet for environmentally sensitive waters.

Compared with traditional gasoline outboard engine, it provides plenty of power for trolling and propulsion. And tt has the conventional outboards construction and design, which provides trust-worthy reliability. If needed, two electric outboard motors can be used in parallel.

Parsun is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of small engine related equipment, and produces many brand name products,
it is also the largest asian manufacturer of industrial water pumps.