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I WANT ONE! How much is it?

It’s only

£1,499.00Read more

Finance available from £47.71 per month

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The first electroportable

propulsion solution

Temo 450 is the all new, light weight, and innovative electric outboard for your tender. Weighing under 5kg it is by far the lightest fully self contained electric propulsion solution available on the marine market. So this little electric looks after you whilst it is looking after the environment!
Designed to correspond to all profiles and practices, TEMO’s electric outboard motors allow you to do dinghy transfers and to manoeuvre in port or in an anchorage without straining your body or mind!


The first electroportable

Weighing less than 5kg and with a unique design combining motor, battery and control unit, TEMO is practical and ultra-compact. On a bike or a boat, you can take it everywhere in its protective carrying case without ever taking up too much space. MAGIC!

Hyper ergonomic

Extremely simple, the TEMO-450 has been designed to suit all uses thanks to its telescopic size (from 130 to 170 cm) and its multi-position AMBIDEXTROUS HANDLE ensuring your well-being and full control in all situations..

With simple design that belies its expert technicality, the TEMO·450 answers the essential needs and allows you to perform all your manoeuvres with one hand, or even with just one finger.


Practical and ELECTRIC! With the TEMO·450 you don’t need to remove the battery to recharge it. Plug it directly into a 220V or 12V or 24V socket and enjoy one hour of cruising speed. Enough to carry out all your day-to-day transfers and get ashore or out to your boat with peace of mind.

Made in France

As well as to being an environmentally friendly solution with no direct emissions, the TEMO.450 is Made in France, between Brittany and the PAYS DE LA LOIRE region. Supported by the know-how of the very best local partners and industry, TEMO is developing with a responsible and quality commitment.

Powerful and Practical

With its 450W motor and optimised efficiency, the TEMO·450 offers 200W of propulsive power allowing you to propel your boat in up to 3 knots of current.

Drawing just 20 cm, it allows you to approach any shoreline and to beach your dinghy without risk of damage.


No need for complicated mounting or installation. Whether you hold it on your hands or use a single rowlock (fixed or removable), the TEMO·450 can be used on multiple craft and in all waters (even the shallowest).
The TEMO·450 is extremely robust and can propel sailing boats up to 500 kg or 2.5m tenders with two or three people on board.

I WANT ONE! How much is it?

It’s only

£1,499.00Read more

Finance available from £47.71 per month

and it's in stock NOW


  • Motor power: 450W
  • Propulsive power: 200W
  • Static thrust: 12Kg
  • Charging: 220V or 12V/ 24V
  • Charging time with 220V: 3½ h
  • Nominal voltage: 25V
  • Ideal angle of inclination: 30°
  • Acceleration: Progressive acceleration on trigger
  • Controls: Ahead / astern
  • Total weight: 4.9kg
  • Length: 130 to 170 cm
  • 3-Bladed propeller diameter: 17.5cm
  • Waterproof rating: IP67
  • Concept: TEMO
  • Design: Chedal Anglay Design

Accessories and Equipment Included

220V Charger (w/ EU & UK adaptor)


Magnetic Safety Key

TEMO 450 Spare Magnetic Safety Key

Rowlock Fitting