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What boat and engine package that is right for you?

Choosing a boat engine is a bit like picking a date for prom – lots of options, and you hope it won’t leave you stranded! From inflatables to RIBs, it’s like the high school dance of propulsion packages. Outboard engines are like the mysterious loners who always make a grand entrance.

So, as you navigate the sea of choices, remember to think about what really matters – because nothing ruins a romantic cruise faster than an engine that’s all sizzle and no steak. Performance, fuel economy, safety, space… it’s basically the Tinder profile of boat engines. Swipe right for the one that won’t ghost you in the middle of the ocean!

Packages we offer

Zodiac Boat & Engine Package

Seapro & Parsun Bundle

Seapro RIB & Outboard Bundle

Talamex & Parsun Bundle

Quicksilver & Parsun Bundle

Quicksilver 250S+ Mariner F4M

Quicksilver & Mariner Bundle

Quicksilver & Tohatsu Bundle