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Joy1.2 is a portable 3HP electric outboard motor made for dinghies, fishing boats, and sailboats. It features a 1440Wh large integrated lithium battery for longer range. The electric motor is great for sustainable sailing experience.


Introducing the PARSUN Joy 1.2, the outboard boat motor that’s so green, even Mother Nature would give it a high-five! Move over, gasoline engines – this eco-friendly marvel is here to make waves in the world market. With the power equivalent of a 4-5 HP engine, it’s like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of boat motors, but without the fossil fuel-induced muscles.

But wait, there’s more! The Joy 1.2 isn’t just a powerhouse; it’s the Beyoncé of boat motors with its smoother throttle control. It’s so smooth that even a cup of coffee in choppy waters would stay in its cup – talk about advanced technology! And let’s not forget its lightweight design, making it the Kim Kardashian of outboard motors – easy to store, carry, and definitely camera-ready.

Now, brace yourself for the ultimate silent superstar – the direct drive system. It’s so hush-hush that even libraries are jealous. No gears, no oil, no cooling system – just the sweet sound of the wind and waves. It’s the motor that says, “I’m here to propel, not to disturb.”

But wait, there’s more! The PARSUN Joy 1.2 comes with a bonus feature – a 1440 watt hour floating waterproof battery. It’s like having a power bank, but for your boat. And with automotive grade A cells, you’ll be charging faster than a squirrel on an energy drink. So go ahead, set sail with confidence, knowing your battery is more waterproof than a rubber ducky at a spa day.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Anion Canada’s Service department throws in a warranty that’s longer and more inclusive than a Shakespeare play. Move over competitors – the Joy 1.2 is not just a motor; it’s a comedy show, and the laughter is guaranteed to last longer than your warranty. So, grab your captain’s hat, cue the laughter, and let the Joy 1.2 take you on a joyride like no other!

Parsun Joy 1.2hp electric outboard
Parsun Joy 1.2hp specs
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Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Power Max HP

Standard Battery

1440 Wh lion polynmer



Battery Weight


Standard Charging


Fast Charging


External Battery


Propeller Size

Trim/ Tilt Angle

0°,5°, 10°,15°,66°



Control System

Tiller Handle


Brusless DC motor

Direct Drive





1 hr 12 minutes@rated power

Water Proof


Rated RPM (Propeller Speed)



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