Parsun 40hp EFI 4 Stroke Outboard F40FWL-T-EFI Boat Engine


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Meet the PARSUN’S 40 HP EFI – the outboard motor that’s not just an engine; it’s a stand-up comedian in the world of boats. This bad boy is the best value in its class, making it the Kevin Hart of the marine world – small in size but packs a punch of laughs (and power).

It’s the outboard motor that promises worry-free performance, because let’s face it, who needs stress when you’re out on the open water? With the PARSUN F40, you’ll have a smoother ride than a penguin sliding down an ice hill – and we promise, it won’t ask you to explain its jokes.

Thanks to advanced power and innovative engineering, this motor is like the Einstein of boat engines – it’s quiet, smooth, and more responsive than your friend’s pet dog when you say, “treat.” Plus, it’s a fuel efficiency expert, giving you more miles per gallon than a cheetah in a Prius.

And for those who like options (and who doesn’t?), the PARSUN F40 comes with both manual and electric start options. It’s like having a remote control for your boat – because who wants to break a sweat when you can press a button and feel like a boat-commanding wizard?

So, if you’re in the market for an outboard motor that not only propels your boat but also knows how to drop a good punchline, look no further than the PARSUN’S 40 HP EFI. It’s the outboard motor that’s ready to take your boating experience from “ho-hum” to “ha-ha!”

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PARSUN’S 40 HP EFI Electronic Fuel Injection outboard motor is the best value for a mid-outboard in its class. One of the most popular outboards, it provides what every boater wants: worry-free, outstanding performance. Advanced power combined with innovative engineering makes a quiet, smooth and responsive ride with reduced fuel and maintenance costs. The Parsun F40 is available with manual and electric start options to suit your type of boating.

This model F40FWL-T-EFI Parsun outboard comes in: 40hp, 4-Stroke, Power Tilt/Trim, Electric Start, Forward Control, Long Shaft configuration.

* EFI Electronic Fuel Injection. For easy start, smooth idle, fast acceleration and fuel efficiency
* Forward Controls with Tachometer
* Power Tilt / Trim
* Innovative CDI system for an easy start and low idle
* Front shift and flushing device for convenience
* Rev limiter, overheat and low oil pressure warning
* Easily monitored oil level gauge indicator
* Large steering angle for easier manoeuvrability
* Safety lanyard for emergency shut-off
* Thermostat controlled water-cooling system for consistent engine temperature
* Heavy duty aluminium propeller
* Efficient vibration reduction system for a smoother and quieter performance
* Quiet thru-hub exhaust system
* Shallow water drive and manual tilt with various positions
* 24lt Fuel tank and line
* Equipped with flushing device for convenience
* Ultra-low emission, CE and EPA compliant


Model F40
Specs Options F40BES-D/F40BEL-D/F40BES-T/F40BEL-T/F40FES-T/F40FEL-T
Max.Power 40HP(29.4KW)
Transom Height 15/20in.
Dry Weight 99.9-103kg
Full Rpm Range 5000~6000r/min
Idling Rpm Range 850-950r/min
Engine Type 3-cyl. SOHC
Fuel Induction Sysem EFI
Displacement 747cc
Bore * Stroke 65.0×75.0mm
Ignition System CDI
Steering System Tiller/remote
Starting System Manual start/Electric start
Gear Shift F-N-R
Gear Ratio 2.0
Trim And Tilt Gas assist(-D)/Electric(-T)
Fuel Tank Capacity 24L
Max. Fuel Consumption 13.8L/h
Engine Oil Capacity 1.7L
Gear Oil Capacity 430cc
Propeller Options 3-12″/13″

Specs description:

  1. The “F” of “F40” means “4-stroke”.
  2. The letters after F40 means:B=Back control(tiller)  M=Manual start   F=Front control ( remote control )      S=Short shaft    L=Long shaft  -D=Power tilt & trim  -T=Electric tilt & trim
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