C-Tug Dinghy Launch Wheels


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pneumatic launch wheels with stainless steel stanchions, 130kg safe load weight, ‘fast deploy’ quick release wheels, bracket is permanently fixed to the boat, wheels are removable when boat is folded away. cranked to lessen bow weight when in use, wheels sit out board off the transom when not in use.

C-TUG Dinghy Wheels are a lightweight and rugged option for transporting your dinghy up the beach, or down the boat ramp, avoiding having to carry the heavy load. Ideally suited for inflatable boat tenders or small lightweight aluminium boats.

  • Made in New Zealand
  • Easy installation & assembly
  • Lightweight & effective
  • 10 inch puncture free wheels
  • Fibreglass reinforced UV resistant plastic
  • Wheels easily removed when stowing dinghy
  • Easy lock and unlock feature
  • Multiple wheel positions
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