Life Cell Flotation Device for 2-4 People-White

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Life Cell Flotation Device for 2-4 People-White


The smallest Life Cell that is designed to fit on smaller boats and can be used in inland or offshore waters.

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  • Mounting bracket is also included in the purchase price.(suitable for mounting Life Cell on the wall of a vessel)
  • External Dimensions (inches): 15.74″ height x 16.73″ width x 6.69″ depth
  • Internal Dimensions (inches)l: 7.87″ height x 10.62″ width x 2.93″ depth
  • 4 Lanyards Included
Life Cell Products Warranty
All Life Cells have a two-year warranty when subject to normal use. Proof of purchase will be required for warranty. If you experience a problem with your Life Cell during the warranty period, return to the place of purchase
SOLAS Certification
A certificate of Type Approval as a Novel Life-Saving Appliance was granted by Lloyds Register under the IMO resolution A.580 (13) and the LSA code regulation I/1.2 on 14th October 2016.
Under the rules and regulations, Life Cell is classified as a Throwable Buoyancy Device and has the capacity to support 1-4 people depending on the model. Life Cell is suitable for installation up to a height of 30 metres above the waterline and can now be used on ships bound by the International Convention of SOLAS.
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