Mercury Marine Pro XS
Mercury Marine Pro XS
Mercury Marine Pro XS
Mercury Marine Pro XS

Mercury Marine Pro XS 150hp Outboard Standard Gearcase


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When you’re feeding your need for speed, Mercury Pro XS engines will get you there faster. Engineered to meet the demands for high speeds on fresh or salt water, these high-performance motors deliver a winning combination of power, acceleration, durability, and fuel efficiency.

Built to take you almost anywhere and nearly 20 pounds lighter than its closest competitor, it’s an incredibly fast high-output 150hp FourStroke outboard. Great for bass, offshore fishing, and runabout boats.

Pro XS Advantage

Ultimate Performance: No outboard gets from zero to wide-open quicker than a Mercury Pro XS with 4.6L V8 and 3.4L V6 muscle. This is performance that will rocket your rig out of the hole and to the next hot spot in an instant.

Tournament-Winning Torque: More displacement delivers more torque and Transient Spark technology optimizes spark timing to boost that torque during hole shot.

Squeezing Speed from Fuel: Mercury V8 and V6 Pro XS models transform every drop of fuel into performance to deliver excellent economy at cruising speed and wide-open throttle.

Smart Charging: A powerful alternator provides net charging output of 20 amps at idle and 85 amps at wide open throttle. Idle Charge battery-management technology automatically increases idle rpm to boost alternator output and recharge low batteries.

On freshwater or saltwater – compact bass rigs or flats1 skiffs, pontoons or multi-species boats – four-cylinder Mercury Pro XS models are tuned to take mid-size boats to the limit. Engine controls are calibrated for stronger hole shot and higher rpm. Stiffer high-performance motor mounts on the 150 deliver better highspeed handling. It’s the look and performance of a champion, with bold Pro XS graphics.

The lowest weight and highest displacement in the category contribute to unmatched hole shot on a wide variety of boats. The 150 Pro XS features new Transient Spark technology to optimize spark timing and boost hole shot torque, as well as a higher gear ratio that transmits more torque to the prop shaft.


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