Scanstrut Satcom Antenna Mount


High Strength Product – Single piece composite GRP moulding for a high strength, corrosion free mounting .

Neat Installation – Satcom mount fixings hidden internally.

Easy to Install & Maintain – Antenna fixings external for ease of antenna installation and maintenance.

Watertight Installation – Includes factory fitted watertight seal & gland systems.

Mounting Plate diameter: 465mm / 18.3 inches.

Base Footprint diameter: 200mm / 7.9 inches.

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For KVH G6 / M7 / V7, Raymarine STV60 and Intellian i6 Satcom/TV Antennas.

Reduce the footprint size of your satcom antenna by up to 60% with the Scanstrut Satcom Antenna Mount.

This gives you greater choice when choosing where to install your satcom antenna and also aids installation on narrow radar arches.

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