Talamex Aqualine Aluminium Floor Inflatable Boat

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QLX Aluminium floor: The aluminium floor provides large firmness and stability and is virtually maintenance free.


Robust and comfort

The Talamex Aqualine QLX boat with aluminium floor is also equipped with an inflatable keel. Because of the keel, the boat has a V-shape bottom, that gives the boat excellent sailing and rowing charasteristics. The aluminium floor ensures great firmness and stability and is maintenance-free. This boat is well suited to hang in the davits and as holiday boat. The aluminium floor takes more time to built then an air floor boat.


TALAMEX AQUALINE: Affordable quality

You are looking for an affordable boat, suitable for young and old and with a nice standard equipment? Then theTalamex Aqualine is thé boat for you! Talamex Aqualine inflatable boats are complete boats with a basic equipment. In the standard package of the Talamex Aqualine inflatable boats you will find: repair kit, sliding seat, paddles, stainless steel towing eyes, mooring line, stowbag, fender on the boats for extra protection and a hand pump.

The boats are available with a slatted, air floor or aluminium floor, in length ranging from 200cm till 350cm. On all boats is a 2 year warranty and all Talamex boats are CE certified by the Dutch Marine Inspection making them meet all European requirements!
Talamex Aqualine


Talamex Aqualine Features
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