Talamex Comfortline 350 Air Floor Inflatable and Parsun 20hp F20ABMS Engine


TLA Air floor: Air floor and inflatable keel provide sharp V-shape. A true allrounder.

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Excellent dinghy

The Talamex Comfortline TLA boat with air floor is a boat with inflatable keel and bottom. Because of this, the boat is light weight, has small package dimensions and has excellent sailing and rowing characteristics. In addition, the air floor increases the sitting-comfort and makes the building of the boat very easy. The Talamex Comfortline TLA boat with air floor is excellent to use as a dinghy or cruiser yacht

TALAMEX COMFORTLINE: quality is the base

You are looking for a well equiped boat with excellent sailing charasteristics for an honest price? Then the Talamex Comfortline is thé boat for you!In the standard package of the Talamex Comfortline boats is amongst others: repair kit, aluminum seat, paddles, towing eyes, lifting eyes, landing line and a pressure relief valve.

The boats are available with a slatted-, air- and aluminium floor and as a RIB, varying in length from 200 up to 350 cm. On all boats is a 2 year warranty and all Talamex boats are CE certified by the Dutch Marine Inspection making them meet all European requirements

Talamex Comfortline Equip


Talamex Comfortline Features

Boat Specifications

Length350cm / 3.5m
Width172cm / 1.72m
Weight (incl. paddles)46.0kg
Max Load Weight497kg
Max Engine14.7kW / 20hp
Max Persons5 adults
Number Air of Chambers3 + 1 + 1
Tube Diameters44cm

Parsun 20hp 20ABMS Details

PARSUN new F15A/F20A outboard motors feature greater flexibility and durability. They are designed with the labyrinth Exhaust System, Blow-By Gas Re-burning System, Water-cooled Fuel Pump, Flushing device and 10A High Output Alternator. On the water, you’ll be delighted by the low fuel consumption, simple control, limited noise and vibration, and complete reliability.
PARSUN portable four-stroke outboards are not just their light weight and compactness, but the fact that they have the same renowned PARSUN quality technology and reliability. Whether fishing a favorite point or taking a leisurely weekend cruise these outboard engines are a delight to use.
PARSUN enjoy the best price versus performance ratio and providing valued service.


1. Blow-By Gas Reburning System – clean
2. Prime Start – Sure Start
3.10A High Output Alternator – convenience
4. Single Operation Steering Friction – convenience
5. Strong Tiller Handle – reliability durability
6. Start-In-Gear Prevention – convenience
7. Labyrinth Exhaust System – low noise
8. Large Steering Angle – maneuverability
9. Front Shift – convenience
10. Water-cooled Fuel Pump – reliability durability
11. Flushing device – convenience
12. Over-Rev Limiter Overheat Warning Low Oil Pressure Warning – reliability
13. Quiet, through the propeller hub exhaust
14. Ultra low emission, CE and EPA approved
15. Quality 24L fuel tank with hose

1. Electric Start
2. Remote Control with electric start

Engine Specifications

Weight53.7 kg
Max Output
Full Throttle RPM Range
Sump Oil Capacity
Propeller Options
Overall Width
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Additional information

Weight99 kg


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