TEMO 1000 Electric Outboard

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The powerful electric

outboard motor for sailing

boats and dinghies

Portable, silent, powerful: with its interchangeable battery system, the TEMO·1000 electric outboard motor is an ideal and environmentally friendly means of propulsion! Designed to fit large dinghies and/or small sailing boats up to 8 meters, this innovative and ergonomic electric outboard will allow you to put to sea with ease!


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With its 1000W motor, specially designed propeller and optimised efficiency, the TEMO·1000 offers a static thrust of 28kg (equivalent to 3HP) allowing you to propel a large 6-person dinghy or a small sailing boat up to 8 metres.


With its sleek design and weight of just 15Kg (including the 5kg removable battery) the TEMO·1000 is easy to handle and effortless to install on your boat. Its streamlined design with integrated handle makes it quick and comfortable to take anywhere.


Practical interchangeable battery system! With the TEMO·1000, you can enjoy 60 minutes of autonomy or more! Thanks to its removable battery system and its waterproof and automatic connectors, you can switch batteries in a matter of seconds and make all your trips.

Retractable handle

TEMO·1000 innovates by offering a retractable and twist grip control handle.
The advantage?

  • Retracted handle: The motor can be used as a simple means of propulsion for a boat that already has a tiller. Choose your speed, retract the handle and gain space and freedom of movement! (This would be on a sailing boat for example).
  • Handle out: the motor will allow you to propel and steer the boat thanks to the control handle (On a tender for example).

Quick installation

With its discreet 360° rotating bracket, TEMO·1000 is installed effortlessly on your boat in seconds. With its discreet 360° rotating bracket, TEMO·1000 is installed effortlessly on your boat in seconds. Its ingenious mounting system allows the motor to be raised several notches for use in shoal draft waters. It can also be rotated completely around on itself for safe installation inside the boat.

The mounting point can also be adjusted directly on the motor by means of a track allowing for perfect installation height regardless of the transom design of the dinghy or boat. So there’s no need to choose between long and short shaft, the TEMO·1000 covers both lengths.

Sleek position

Thanks to its streamlined design and revolutionary rotating mounting, the TEMO·1000 can be positioned parallel to the transom of your boat and remain in place without affecting performance or navigation.
This “sleek position”, unique to the TEMO·1000, is a real time saver: it saves you time and effort and frees up space in your cabin or on your deck..


Motor Motor power 1000W
Propulsive power 500W
Static thrust 28Kg
Charging 220v, 12 or 24v
Charging time with 220V 5H30
Nominal voltage 35v
Function Acceleration Twist grip
Controls Ahead/ astern depending on direction of twist grip rotation
Design Total weight in kg 15kg
Batterie weight 5kg
Shaft lenght 65cm
Waterproof rating IP67
Concept TEMO
Design Chedal Anglay Design