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Here at Marine Imports UK Ltd, We’ve been working with inflatable boats for a long time, 20 years actually, back then the forerunners were Quicksilver, Zodiac, Bombard and Avon inflatables, we sold a lot of them, got loads of feedback from our customers about the bits they liked and didn’t like, and in 2004 we decided to design our own, the remit was simple, build the toughest, most functional inflatables available, at an affordable price. Easy mission statement, not so easy to bring to life! But try we did, and after two years of testing and failing, then testing again we brought our first boats to the UK market, they were an immediate success. Valmex, Valmex, Valmex, that’s the first and probably most important point about our craft that you should understand, as it’s what the boats are all made out of. If you didn’t know, this is the most expensive PVC on the market, it is made in Germany (of course) by mahler texnologies, and it just so happens to be the best – best tear, tensile and abrasion strengths of any pvc on the market for any given thickness – fact. ONLY pvc that claims to be completely uv proof – fact. This stuff is amazing, and when your boat is made from VALMEX it means it is completely future proof. You’ve all seen those really sorry honwave’s lying by the side of the marina, completely forlorn with brown tube tops that should be grey, bits of handle hanging off them and just generally looking the worse for wear. Well buy a seapro inflatable and that won’t happen….. Ever.