AUTOTERM Flow 5kW 5D/5B Previously BINAR 5S (Diesel water heater)


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AUTOTERM Flow 5kW 5D/5B Previously BINAR 5S

Autoterm water and air heaters are built to ISO 9002 standards. They also have E2 R10 and E2 R122 approval for whole vehicle approval for use in road vehicles.  


AUTOTERM Flow 5D/5B is a highly versatile liquid heater also known as a water heater that operates independently from the engine. Previously known as BINAR 5S.

This compact heater has a 5kW heat output and is designed to preheat a vehicle’s engine and compartment, thus eliminating cold start of the engine, and extending its lifetime, whilst working in unison with the car salon fan to supply comfortable warm air to the passenger compartment in the cold season. Newer car models may require a third party EPCU block to heat the passenger compartment.

 As the heater is linked to a vehicle’s coolant system, there is no need for additional air ducting to provide warm air to the passenger’s compartment. 

This product is offered for 2 types of fuel systems: Petrol (B)– 12V / Diesel (D)– 12V or 24V

In extremely cold environments, the AUTOTERM Flow 5D/5B pre-heater also works as an auxiliary heater,  helping the engine to reach and maintain automatically its optimal working temperature where necessary when driving.

AUTOTERM Flow 5D/5B, with its diverse installation options, can also be used as a heater for small radiator systems or boilers with a maximum capacity of 30 litres.

This product is best suited to those who want to additionally heat vehicles with an engine capacity of up to 4 Litres, motorhomes or boats with liquid heating systems.


Technical characteristics

Diesel Diesel Diesel

  • Voltage – 12V12V24V
  • Heating medium – Coolant-antifreeze coolant
  • Optimal liquid/coolant volume – 10 – 12 L
  • Coolant liquid flow rate at 0 bar – 1200 l/h
  • Coolant liquid flow rate at 0.18 bar – 800 l/h
  • Heating power – 5 kW Power consumption 42W
  • Power consumption at start – 122 W (12V)/120W (24V)
  • Max work altitude (MASL) – 1000m  Fuel consumption 0.70 l/h max0.62 l/h max0.62 l/h max
  • Control mode – Manual/standard/remote control/modem
  • Compatible control panels – PU-27
  • Weight of the heater – 2.4 kg Weight of the set 8 kg
  • Heater dimensions – 220x90x136 mm – Package dimensions 55x39x15 cm 

Kit Contents 

  • Heat insulation 
  • Control panel PU-27
  • Rubber fuel pump clamp 
  • Silent fuel pump 
  • Cable wiring 
  • Air Intake silencer
  • Exhaust 1m 
  • Fuel dip tub 
  • Mounting breaker with shock absorbers 
  • Silencer with mounting bracket
  • Heat cover for exhaust pipe
  • Nylon fuel line
  • Liquid fuel pump 

Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg

12V, 24V


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