HK4200A Baystar Compact Steering Kit up to Max 150hp Outboard


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BayStar Steering kits come complete with everything needed for an install, (some engines require spacer kits and/or cylinder plate change, see application chart on page 1-5) the compact cylinder does not require the engine manufacturer drag link for connection. For your convenience two lengths of 20′ cut to fit tubing are supplied with the HK4200A and two lengths of 30′ cut to fit tubing are supplied with the HK4230A kit.

BayStar Steering Kit (HK4200A) Includes:
• 1 x BayStar helm pump (HH4314)
• 1 x BayStar Cylinder (HC4645H)
• 1 x BayStar Tubing kit (HT4420H, 2 x 20′ hoses)
• 2 x Hydraulic Steering Fluid (HA5430)
• 1 x Filler Kit (HA5438)


BayStar Outboard Steering

Baystar outboard hydraulic steering by Seastar / Dometic Marine.

  • Reliability, safety and comfort for single engine vessels.
  • Approved transom / HP rating up to MAX 150hp
  • Low friction helm for smooth comfortable steering
  • Balanced Cylinder that fits most splashwells
  • Easy to install with “cut to length” tubing.
  • Available in complete kits or by individual components
  • Not recommended in applications with high steering effort

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

Baystar Information

BayStar™˙hydraulic steering is brought to you by the manufacturers of SeaStar®, the most trusted name in pleasure boat steering. BayStar allows you to install all of the safety, reliability and comfort of hydraulic steering onto your boats rated up to MAX. 150HP as rated by the engine manufacturer. Combine this with the superior SeaStar Solutions design team, rigid ISO quality control and teamed with the finest materials and precision manufacturing—BayStar continues the tradition bringing comfort and safety to boating.

The BayStar steering system consists of a super low friction helm for smooth comfortable steering, a balanced cylinder–featuring a compact design that fits most splashwells. For your convenience two lengths of 20’ cut to fit tubing are supplies (2 x 20’ length), two bottles of hydraulic steering fluid, and one fill tube for easy fill and purge.

BayStar is NOT recommended in applications with high steering effort (i.e. such as those using high performance engines or boats capable of attaining high speeds), customers should consider upgrading the system to SeaStar/SeaStar Pro steering . This will reduce the steering effort due to the fact that SeaStar steering provides more output power resulting in lower steering effort.

• Patented No FeedBack™ Steering lock valves.
• 5 turns lock-to-lock.
• Up to 150 horsepower (total).
• Available either as separate components or as a complete system ready to install.
• Fixed cylinder.
• BayStar hydraulic tubing cut to suit application.
• Tilt option available.
• Requires 3” (76mm) cut-out hole in dash.
• Requires 21” (534mm) splashwell width.

DO NOT use BayStar on smaller HP outboard engines that use wing nut type transom mount clamping screws.

Application Guide

(Cylinders HC4645H/47H/48H/58H)

1991-DATE115 HP FICHTHC4658-3See Note 4

1991-Date40-150 HP inc.E-TecHC4645-3See Note 2

HONDA 1992–DATE 30–50 HP HC4645-3 See Note 2
1996-DATE 75-90 HP HC4645-3
2015-DATE BF100 HC4645-3
1998-2010 115-130 HP HC4647-3
2003–DATE 135-150 HP HC4645-3
2010-DATE 115 HP HC4645-3
JOHNSON / EVINRUDE 1991–DATE 40-150 HP inc. E-Tec HC4645-3 See Note 2
1997–DATE 115 HP FICHT HC4658-3 See Note 4
1997–DATE 75–150 HP FICHT HC4645-3 See Note 5
1998–DATE 40–140 HP 4-Stroke HC4658-3 See Note 1, 2, 4
MERCURY/MARINER 1984–DATE 75–150 HP HC4645-3 See Note 5
1998–DATE 40–60 HP HC4648-3 See Note 1, 2
SELVA 2000-DATE 25-70 HP HC4648-3 See Note 1, 2
2000-DATE 90-150 HP 4-Stroke HC4645-3 See Note 5
2011-2013 115 HP HC4658-3
SUZUKI 1986–DATE 150 HP HC4645-3 See Note 5
1987–2002 115–140 HP HC4645-3 See Note 1
1990–2000 90–100 HP HC4645-3
1998–DATE 40–70 4-Stroke HC4645-3 See Note 1, 2
2001–DATE 90-140 HP 4-Stroke HC4658-3 See Notes 1, 4
TOHATSU 1990–DATE 40–140 HP HC4645H
2014–DATE BFT60-BFT150 HC4645-3
YAMAHA 1998–DATE 40–50 HP HC4645-3 See Note 2
1998–DATE 60 HP HC4645-3 See Note 3
1986–DATE 70–90 HP 2-Stroke HC4645-3 See Note 1
1997–DATE 80–150 HP 4-Stroke HC4645-3 See Note 5
2000–DATE 25–70 HP 4-Stroke HC4648-3 See Note 1, 2
2011–DATE 70HP F115A inc. SHO 90 & 115 HP HC4658-3
2014-DATE F115B HC4645-3

Notes 1. Requires Spacer kit part # HO5090 2. Engine clamp brackets must be cut or ground, and the engine through bolted onto the transom, or interference will occur, restricting engine trim and tilt. 3. Steering hook Yamaha Part # 63D-48511-00-4D must be installed 4. Cylinder HC4645-3 may be used in these applications. The pivot plate will need to be flipped before installation. Instructions provided with Owner’s Manual. 5. High performance 150 HP engines and any engine using a 4-3/4″ gear-case such as Command Thrust MUST use SeaStar.


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