Hertz HMR 10 IP66 Marine Stereo & 100W HEX 6.5″ White Speakers


Hertz Marine Stereo value pack comprising:

  • Hertz HMR 10 IP66 Marine Stereo with AM / FM & Bluetooth.
  • Hertz HEX 6.5 M-W White 6.5″ IP65 marine coaxial speakers.

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HMR 10 Digital Media Reciever

The HMR 10 features IP66 protection grade, ASTM-D4329 standards for UV resistance and ASTM-B117 for salt fog operability, giving you unstopped pleasure season after season.

Pefect Sound Onboard with Gauge-Style Installation

With two pairs of high quality stereo output, a screen readable at all times and a generous marine-grade control panel, it will be a breeze to control your favorite playlist on USB or Bluetooth streaming for maximum fun in water.


Hertz Pure Marine Certified Product stamp featuring the IP66 protection grade, ASTM-D4329 standards for UV resistance and ASTM-B117 for salt fog operability.


Bluetooth streaming and control

3 Preset EQ

Equalizer featuring 3 presets (Classic / Pop / Rock)


USB Playback

100W 6.5″ HEX White Speakers

The HEX 6.5 M-W  marine coaxial, available with white grilles, will give you years of pure fun while cruising, being over engineered and tested for Marine applications. The compact 6.5” speaker, with a depth of only 2.36 inches delivers a detailed and dynamic sound, making every outing memorable.

Water Jet Tested

The protection grade IP65 for speakers define all the Hertz Marine products as totally protected against water jets of different entities, making them highly performant in the marine environment.

UV Resistant

According to the severe ASTM-D4329 standards for UV resistance, all the materials used for Hertz Marine products are designed to face long time exposition to UV radiations while cruising on the open sea.

Salt Fog Tested

To satisfy the standards required by ASTM-B117, Hertz Marine products are tested with massive salt fog spray to ensure a complete resistance to corrosion, typical of this atmospheric agent.

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