Mercury Seapro 15hp Outboard
Mercury Seapro 15hp outboard

Mercury SeaPro 15hp Outboard


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Mercury SeaPro™ outboards are built to handle the heavy-duty needs of commercial boating applications. A job on the water can be unpredictable, but a SeaPro outboard clocks in on time every day, eager to work as hard as you do, for as long as you do.

Pound for pound, it’s hard to beat the capabilities of Mercury 15 and 25hp SeaPro™ outboards. They’re calibrated for long hours of continuous commercial operation. Light and efficient, SeaPro outboards help you move more with less fuel, while delivering the power, speed and acceleration you need to keep your operations running on time.

Performance Data

Smooth & Quiet

From the balanced powerhead design to vibration-dampening materials, these outboards were engineered to be exceptionally smooth and quiet. So you can stay focused on the job in front of you.


Lightweight Performance

By minimizing weight at every opportunity, Mercury delivers a performance and efficiency boost to small boats.


High Torque

High-volume air intake boosts torque, for faster acceleration, while the high-displacement powerhead works less to move more, providing a longer service life.

SeaPro Advantage

Flexible, Versatile Power

Choice of remote or tiller controls and manual or electric start lets you set up your engine to meet your needs.

Small but Mighty

With their high torque and rugged durability, SeaPro outboards deliver exceptional capability in a range of commercial settings.

Valuable Fuel Savings

Light and efficient, SeaPro outboards help you get more done on every drop of fuel. The engine is also optimized for 87 octane for further savings at the pump.

Commercial-Grade Performance

Maximum toughness. Superior corrosion resistance. Ultimate reliability. A SeaPro outboard shows up on time, ready to work. The perfect co-worker.



SeaPro 15hp

SeaPro 25hp




Alternator Amp / Watt

12 amp/145 watt electric

Smartcraft Compatible

Displacement (CID/CC)

20.3cid / 333cc

30.5 CID / 500 cc

Dry Weight *Lightest Model Available

99 lbs/45 kg

132 lbs / 60.1 kg

Engine Type

Inline 3


Integrated Fuel Tank (Gal / L)

Remote Fuel Tank Standard (Gal / L)


Electric, Manual

Electric, Manual

Trim System


6 Position


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Additional information

Weight 45 kg






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