Seapro Airdeck 240cm Inflatable and Parsun 6hp 4 Stroke F2.6ABMS Outboard Bundle


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F2.6BMS Motor Boat Engine Details:

1. Idle speed is 1200~1300rpm (the fuel consumption will be reduced) and more quiet at idle speed by use such new system.
2. Compact and lightweight
3. Innovative CDI ignition system for easy starting
4. Twist grip throttle for easy manueverability and safety
5. Safety lanyard/emergency shutoff
6. Thermostat controlled water cooling system for consistent engine temperature
7. Convenient 1.2L integral fuel tank
8. Vibration reduction system
9. Ultra low emission, CE and EPA approved
10. Manual Starter & 360 degree steering without gear shifting-convenience
11. Front controls (Throttle, choke, recoil starter, Engine stop switch)-easy operation

Outboard Specifications:

  • Engine-type: 4-stroke, 1-cylinders, OHV
  • Displacement: 72cc
  • Bore-stroke: 54.0×31.5mm / 2.13×1.24in
  • Max Output: 2.6hp / 1.9kW
  • Steering system: Tiller Handle
  • Gear-positions: Forward / Neutral
  • Gear-ratio: 2.25 (27/12)
  • Trim-tilt-system: Manual, 4 positions/Shallow drive
  • Fuel-consumption: 1.1 L/h
  • Sump Oil Capacity: 0.35L
  • Gear-oil-capacity: 75cc
  • Shaft: 15″ Short, 20″ Long
  • Alternator-output: None
  • Propeller Options: 3-7.37 x 5.37″
  • Overall Width: 343mm / 13.5in

These outboards may be small in size, but they are big on advanced design ideas, innovative features and big engine performance. These outboards are available in a range of horsepower to fit a variety of applications. Our portables are designed with your convenience in mind, featuring carrying handles and resting pads for easy transport and horizontal storage.

Seapro 2.4 Airdeck Inflatables Details:

Seapro Air is specifically designed to be light weight, durable, and able to withstand the rigours of every day use, from rough beach launches to manhandling in and out of cars, caravans, trailers etc. From the material selection process we found that the tensile strength of the 0.8mm 1100 denier decitex was 10% greater than in the 0.85mm, so that’s what we use, it also makes your boat 12% lighter. So when you buy a Seapro Air, you are getting a real lightweight boat that packs a heavyweight punch.

Standard features:

  • High Pressure airdeck
  • Inflatable keel
  • Aluminium seat
  • Multiple aluminium under mattress pressure plates for pronounced keel and efficient planning at high speed (unique feature to Seapro boats)
  • Air pressure release valve for hot days on ALL boats
  • German Valmex fabric – the best in the business

Seapro 240A Airdeck Specs:

Floor TypeAirmat
Overall Length240cm
Overall Width152cm
Tube Dia40cm
No. of Air Chamber3 1 1
Max. Passenger3
Engine Power6Hp
Packed Dimension102×56×30LxWxH cm
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Additional information

Weight56 kg
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