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We take safety at sea VERY seriously, that’s why Seapro inflatable boats are some of the safest, and toughest boats around. Did you know that every seapro inflatable boat is made from German Valmex fabric? well it is. But do you know why? Well I’ll tell you, Valmex fabric is made my Mahler technologies, they are the best in the business and so is their fabric. It has the best tear, tensile and abrasion strength of ANY PVC material, and it is the only PVC that can be claimed to be UV proof.

Another thing you may not have realised is that EVERY seapro inflatable is built with a pressure release valve to keep the pressure exactly right, even on hot days, there are also  a series of pressure equealising baffles on every boat, these baffles keep the boat the right shape even if you don’t do an exact job with the pump! They also insure that if you put a hole in your Seapro boat, you will still be able to get home without sinking! So you see, an inflatable boat, isn’t just an inflatable boat when it’s a Seapro. It’s also a life saver!