Seapro: The rise in inflatable boat quality for the UK boater

It's just an inflatable boat right?

The rise in inflatable boat quality for the UK boater has seen quite a jump in the past few years. In 2015 Seapro (always the innovators) made a stellar leap forwards with the announcement of moving to the new German boat fabric VALMEX, this stuff offered a huge improvement in tear, tensile strength and abrasion resistance, and it was the only PVC boat fabric to be UV proof.

With that leap forward it was a few years before the rest of the group caught up, now there are a couple more companies using this industry leading (but more expensive) fabric. In 2016 Seapro did it again with an ingenious under-mattress-pressure-plate system for their airdeck boats to allow them to be MUCH more torsionally rigid, but still completely “rollable”, this almost completely negates the phenomenon of hull hook (aka wave follow).

With that innovation under their belts, you would think that the job would be a good ‘un, but no, attention was then turned to the HD (heavy duty) range, much loved and coveted by the safety rescue fraternity, these boats are rhino thick and extremely durable. How could they be made MORE durable though?? Well, how about an aluminium transom? Nobody else does it, so let’s give it a try. The sketch pads came out and after a LOT of testing, trial and error the correct recipe was hit, with a slightly different thickness for each size of the boat and engine hp rating. This move to make every boat as tough, and future-proof as they can is a testament to the commitment to quality that the Seapro brand is all about.

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