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Designed by inflatable boat enthusiasts – for inflatable boat enthusiasts, Seapro inflatable boats (designed here in the UK), are manufactured using cutting edge technology and innovative techniques, only the very finest materials are used in the manufacture of these craft, and each one is genuinely a work of art, hand made by time served craftsmen. When you buy a Seapro boat, you are genuinely buying a boat for life. Not the cheapest, but DEFINITELY the best.

Did you know that every seapro inflatable boat is made from German VALMEX fabric? To give you an idea of the quality of this stuff, it’s the chosen fabric that is used by the fire service, and rescue authorities all over the world for their inflatable boats, it’s used for saving lives. It is the only PVC on the market that is completely UV proof, and it has the best tear, tensile, and abrasion strength of any other PVC out there to boot!

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