How to assemble an inflatable boat with hard floor

We create this guide to help someone like you get started with an inflatable boat. You can play the video and follow along or read the text instructions below.

Written Instructions:

  1. Unroll the boat and get some air in those tubes (about 1/4 full should do)
  2. Place the first-floor board at the back (near the outboard) , be sure not to trap the tubes under the floor. Slide it home right to the back, you can use wooden or rubber mallet.
  3. Next, fit the second rear board, careful not to catch the valve cap with the side of the board.
  4. Fit the front board, you can put something under the front of the boat to lift the bow. Make sure you get the board as far forward as possible, right in the join between the floor and tube.
  5. Fit the last board by pushing it front forward first and bring the two boards upword together until they join and push them down together locking them.
  6. Clip the oars together and slide the oards unter the boat.
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