In-depth review of the Parsun 60hp EFI 4-stroke outboard

In-depth review of the Parsun 60hp 4-stroke outboard, I decided to pair this engine with a Warrior 165, a revered vessel in the fishing community for its stability, durability, and practical design. This combination promised a blend of power, efficiency, and seaworthiness suitable for both leisurely outings and more spirited fishing adventures.

Performance and Power

The Parsun 60hp, with its 4-stroke engine, immediately impressed with its smooth and responsive power delivery. From the get-go, the engine’s startup was quick and reliable, a crucial factor during those brisk early morning launches. Once underway, the throttle response was both intuitive and precise, allowing for seamless transitions from idle to planing speeds.
At full throttle, the engine propelled the Warrior 165 to impressive speeds, reaching the upper 30s in mph, which is quite respectable for a boat of this size and design. The mid-range performance, often the most used power band for a fishing boat, was particularly noteworthy. The engine maintained a smooth and steady output, providing a comfortable cruising experience around 20-25mph, ideal for covering significant distances efficiently when scouting for the perfect fishing spot.

Fuel Efficiency and Range

Fuel efficiency is a critical aspect for any angler, often dictating the duration and range of outings. The Parsun 60hp excelled in this domain, striking an excellent balance between power and frugality with 10L/hr at planing speed of 15mph giving the rig a range of 30 miles to a single 25L tank if you’re not in a rush. Even during extended periods at cruising speeds, the fuel consumption remained impressively low, a testament to the engine’s modern 4-stroke design and fuel injection system. This efficiency ensures that anglers can venture further afield with confidence, expanding their fishing horizons without the constant worry of refueling.

Handling and Maneuverability

The handling characteristics of the Parsun 60hp, when paired with the Warrior 165, were commendable. The engine’s power was more than adequate to bring the boat onto plane swiftly, reducing bow lift and improving visibility and control. In turns, the setup felt balanced and secure, with no noticeable cavitation or loss of grip, even in tighter maneuvers or choppier conditions.
The engine’s low-end torque was a boon when navigating tricky inlets or docking, offering fine control over the boat’s movements. This precision is particularly valuable when positioning the boat in confined spaces or when conditions are less than ideal.

Noise and Vibration

One of the standout features of the Parsun 60hp was its remarkably quiet operation. Even at higher speeds, the engine noise remained unobtrusive, allowing for easy conversation onboard and minimizing disturbance to the surrounding environment—a significant plus for those who appreciate the serenity of the water.
Vibration levels were also minimal, contributing to the overall comfort of the boat. This reduction in vibration is not only more pleasant for the occupants but also beneficial for the longevity of both the boat and the equipment onboard.

Durability and Maintenance

Over the test period, the Parsun 60hp demonstrated excellent reliability, with no significant issues arising. Routine maintenance checks were straightforward, thanks to the engine’s user-friendly design, which provides easy access to common service points. This ease of maintenance is crucial for maximizing uptime and ensuring the engine remains in peak condition. And another bonus was that servicing the engine myself did not affect the 3 year warranty and Parsun uk allow self service!

Room for Improvement

While the Parsun 60hp is an impressive package, there’s always room for refinement. One area that could see improvement is the gear shifting, which, though generally smooth, could be made a bit more seamless, particularly when engaging reverse but this may have been due to improper gearshift adjustment.


In summing up the experience with the Parsun 60hp 4-stroke outboard on the Warrior 165, it’s clear that this engine stands out for its power, efficiency, and quiet operation. Its performance profile makes it an ideal match for the versatile demands of fishing and recreational boating, providing a reliable and enjoyable experience on the water. Whether you’re chasing the thrill of the catch or simply soaking up the tranquility of the sea, the Parsun 60hp proves to be a dependable and efficient companion, worthy of consideration for any boater looking to strike a balance between power and practicality.

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