Parsun 2.5hp 4 Stroke Outboard

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Now lots of companies say that right? But then you show them a pic of a 1988 mariner 40hp an they start sucking thier teeth! Or even worse you show them a nice 90hp mariner 4 stoke that you have lovingly cared for all its life only for them to offer you three boiled sweets and a bag of marbles for it (We can even offer px on boats and trailers too!). Well that wont happen here. We care about all of our customers and are committed to doing things the right way. So come on – lets get the deal done!

We’re not government-backed, so we won’t make it sound too good to be true, but here’s our promise: If you’ve got a similar engine to trade in, regardless of its age or condition, we’ll take it as px, and what’s more we will use Bill Higham’s good old fashioned values of quality and integrity to work out a deal that’s right for you. 😄

  • Manual Start
  • Tiller Handle


Introducing the Parsun 2.6hp 4-stroke outboard: a true maritime marvel that packs a punch well above its weight class. This compact powerhouse is the embodiment of ‘less is more.’ Weighing in at a mere featherweight, it’s the perfect mate for your tender, dinghy, or inflatable, adding zip without the bulk.

Parsun is at the forefront of innovation, and this little titan is no exception. Its design is sleek, user-friendly, and built to last, making it a steadfast companion for those spontaneous jaunts or serene floats. With fuel efficiency that’ll make your wallet sing a sea shanty in joy, this engine is as economical as it is reliable.

But don’t let its size fool you; the Parsun 2.6hp is robust, ready to tackle the currents with gusto. Its performance on the water is akin to a dolphin darting through the waves: graceful, efficient, and surprisingly powerful.

At Bill Higham Marine, we’re not just about engines; we’re about experiences. And with the Parsun 2.6hp, you’re not just getting an outboard; you’re unlocking a realm of marine adventures. So, whether you’re setting sail for a tranquil fishing trip or a leisurely paddle around the lake, this little gem is your ticket to making waves in the great blue beyond.


  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Innovative TCI ignition system for effortless starting.
  • Twist-grip throttle control for easy maneuverability and enhanced safety.
  • Thermostat-controlled water cooling system for maintaining consistent engine temperature.
  • Safety Lanyard/Emergency Shutoff feature.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum propeller.
  • 360-degree with Forward-Neutral shifting.
  • Convenient and easy-to-monitor oil level gauge indicator.
  • Integrated 1.3L fuel tank for added convenience.
  • Heavy-duty marine aluminum alloy construction for ultimate corrosion protection.
  • Vibration reduction system for smoother operation.
  • Start-in-gear protection for added safety.
  • Shallow water drive capability.
  • Ultra-low emission for environmentally conscious boating.
  • 3-Year Limited Factory Warranty for peace of mind.
  • Shank with starter handle; Short Handle, 1.2L (0.32 US gallons) integral fuel tank; Light weight only 37.5Lbs; 1-cylinder OHV engine with 72 cc, displacement; Maximum throttle 5250 – 5750rpm, Max output 2.6hp; Compression ratio 9:1; TCI ignition system; Gearshift Rate: forward and neutral; Gear 2.25; Trim & Tilt 4 Positions with Little Drive; Aluminum prop included.
  • Easy operation with throttle, choke, reverse start power and stop switch; 360-degree change of direction without Gear. low fuel consumption, quiet and technology; Ready to connect external fuel tanks. Vibration reduction system and ultra with low EPA emission approved. innovative CDI ignition system for easy starting; Water cooling system Thermostat controlled for constant engine temperature.
  • It’s the smallest portable 4-stroke outboard engine parsun family, this f2.6ab definitely holds its own when it comes to getting the job done right every time. One pull to start is more feedback for this little motor, with handles for easy transport and storage, effective and reliable, this little wonder never leaves Amaze.
  • Parsun outboard motors has been PDI (pre) before inspection delivery packed in box and boat. Engine Oil Drains Out for Shipments. This regular use SAE 4W-10 30-stroke engine oil, 0.35 L, etc. Please add 0.35L engine oil and refill with the 87# before starting the gasoline engine. Please keep the manual and packaging for service.
  • A three-year limited warranty applies to all new Parsun outboard engines you purchase from Parsun (USA) within Canada and the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Note: seller does not offer this California steering engine thanks to Carb.

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Safety As Standard

We take safety at sea very seriously, so you will find many features on our outboards that are there specifically to keep you safe. Every Parsun outboard engine is fitted with a kill cord – USE IT!! you’re an idiot if you don’t. People die every year by not wearing this simple, invaluable safety device.

Other invaluable safety features include an automatic reverse lock (the bit that stops the engine from jumping out of the water when you accelerate in reverse), and Start-In-Gear protection (so you can’t start the engine in gear), larger engines have a neutral gear rev limiter so you can’t hurt your engine too! When you buy a Parsun outboard you become part of the family…. and we look after our family.

3-year Warranty

Revolutionary warranty terms with No Dealer service requirements
Things don’t go wrong often, but when they do you want to feel well looked after right? Well your new Parsun outboard will come fresh out of the box with a no quibble, non declining 3 year parts and labour warranty. This means that if it goes wrong within three years of the purchase date we will fix it or replace it for free. What’s more it doesn’t always have to come back to us for that, if it isn’t a major repair you can call us and arrange to take it in to your local outboard mechanic and we will pay them to fix it for you!

“But i have to pay out a fortune every year for dealer servicing just to keep the warranty valid!”

This is one of the major bugbears of owning a new outboard, AND the biggest reason outboards don’t get serviced often enough, well we thought about this carefully, and did you know that as much as 90% of an outboard service cost is labour charge? Well it is, and as Parsun Outboards are so easy to service we decided to let you do it yourself. Yes that’s right, we have the trust in human kind to have a modicum of practical sense – refreshing hey? But dont worry, we wouldn’t leave you out in the cold without any guidance, so there are detailed instructions on servicing in your owners manual; and we are on hand to supply all the parts you need at a really competitive price (for instance service kit for a 4hp is around £40). So now as Parsun Outboards can be serviced by the owner, ownership costs can be kept low. You are a happy boater, and you have a well serviced and happy Parsun!

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1 review for Parsun 2.5hp 4 Stroke Outboard

  1. Ken garratt

    Bought one of these little outboards f about 12 months ago for use on a 9’ fibreglass dinghy performs really well light enough for my 9 year old to carry and bolt on runs really well and good on fuel service from bill Higham spot on overall happy

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