Bombard SUNRIDER 500 Boat Light Grey PVC Tube, 3 Upholstery Colours


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Now lots of companies say that right? But then you show them a pic of a 1988 mariner 40hp an they start sucking thier teeth! Or even worse you show them a nice 90hp mariner 4 stoke that you have lovingly cared for all its life only for them to offer you three boiled sweets and a bag of marbles for it (We can even offer px on boats and trailers too!). Well that wont happen here. We care about all of our customers and are committed to doing things the right way. So come on – lets get the deal done!

We’re not government-backed, so we won’t make it sound too good to be true, but here’s our promise: If you’ve got a similar engine to trade in, regardless of its age or condition, we’ll take it as px, and what’s more we will use Bill Higham’s good old fashioned values of quality and integrity to work out a deal that’s right for you. 😄

The Sunrider range offers the best quality/price ratio on the market, optimizing perfect conduct at sea, and a capacity to embark all your passengers in perfect safety.


Bombard SUNRIDER 500 PVC Boat
The Sunrider range offers the best quality to price ratio on the market. It optimizes your time on the water as your embark on an adventure with family and friends. The versatile equipment and personalized arrangements allow for comfort and ease as you move around the boat. The numerous storage compartments make this an extremely functional boat for all to enjoy!

The Pros:

  • Ultra comfortable navigation thanks to its pronounced V-shaped hull
  • Large storage capacity for long day trips
  • Optional equipment to adapt to your nautical needs
  • Integrated tank under the deck
  • Choice of buoyancy tube :
    • In Strongan™ Duotex™ or Hypalon™ Néoprène™
    • Choice of color for the upholstery: Light grey, Pebble, Fire


  • Hull
    • Deep-V fiberglass hull, equipped with strakes.
    • Molded nonslip deck
    • One tow ring
    • Two back mooring cleats
    • Access trap to engine trough
    • One high volume bailer
    • One drain for flushing
  • Buoyancy tube
    • Strongan™ Duotex™ Fabric 2×1100 decitex, assembled by thermobandage welding. Hypalon™ Néoprène™ option.
    • Easy push valve
    • Polyamide lashing: exclusive new design
    • PVC bow forceps with locking cleat
    • Cone reinforcments
  • Standard equipment
    • 1 central tilting console with: wheel, casing, direction cable, windshield, handrail, front seat close to the console.
    • 1 separator water / fuel
    • 1 front trunk
    • 1 seat-trunk at the rear
    • Two paddles
    • One air-pump
    • One maintenance tool-kit
    • One owner’s manual
    • Swimming ladder
  • Optional equipment
    • Table kit + sunbathing ext.
    • Table kit + sunbathing ext. Pebble
    • Table kit + sunbathing ext.Light Grey
    • Ski mast
    • Roll Bar
    • Bimini
    • EVA deck
    • Backrest + cushion Fire
    • Backrest + cushion Pebble
    • Backrest + cushion Light Grey
    • Rear ladder kit

Disclaimer: Outboard and trailer not included in the advertised price. We can fit the engine of your choice to This package, our recommendation would of course be Mariner or Mercury as they have some awesome models. Trailers we are dealers for Extreme and Indespension. So get in Touch and let’s plan your next boat!

Additional information

Weight310 kg
Tube Color

Light Grey

Overall Length

5 M – 16’5” FT

Inside Length

3.77 M – 12’4” FT

Width Overall

2.1 M – 6’11” FT

Inside Width

1.1 M – 3’7” FT

Tube Diameter

0.5 M – 1’8” FT

Number Of Passengers


Maximum Payload

1060 KG – 2337 LBS

Number of Watertight Compartments




Maximum Allowed Power

70 HP – 51 KW

Max speed

58 Km/h – 36 Mph

Categories of Concept


Hull Length

4.04 M – 19’8” FT

Hull Width

1.28 M – 6’0” FT

Hull Height

1.66 M – 3’9” FT

Hull Angle (°)



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