SeaStar Commercial Tilt 1.7-2.4 Helm SS Shaft

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The world’s most popular hydraulic boat steering helm (HH52173) offers smooth, efficient no feedback steering for inboard and outboard applications.


  • Most Hydraulic Steering applications for inboard/sterndrive/outboard boats up to 50ft.
  • Single outboard engine boats that travel up to 55MPH, for boats over 55MPH see SeaStar PRO Steering.
  • Capable to be used in multiple stations.


  • Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Improved Front shaft dust over
  • Compact helm
  • Standard 3/4″ tapered steering shaft
  • Accepts wheels up to 28″
  • Small 3.0″ Hole cutout in dash


  • Front Mount Installation
  • 1.7 cubic inches
  • 1000 PSI Relief Valve Settings

What Comes In The Box:

  • HH5217-3 Helm Pump
  • Mounting Hardware
  • HF6004 Fitting Kit 2x ORB-5 90° Re-Positionable elbow fittings

SeaStar HH5217-3 Dimensions:


  • Do NOT use teflon or loctite on the fittings.
  • Do NOT try to install NPT fittings into helm pump as it may cause damage to the threads.
  • The fluid cap must be in the uppermost position at ALL times.
  • NEVER use brake fluid, only SeaStar Steering fluid or Mil Spec H5606 Fluid.

Installation Notes:

  • The helm pump is packaged with re-positionable o-ring hose fittings (ORB).
  • If a 20° mounting wedge is used, cut out dash as per mounting wedge template and mount helm directly to the 20° wedge.
  • The helm may be mounted with the helm shaft horizontal, vertical, or any angle in between.
  • Install the hose fittings before installing helm pump for ease of installation.
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