What's an Inflatable Boat?

Inflatable boats: the superheroes of the sea, the Houdinis of the water world. Lightweight wonders that say, “Hey, we may be filled with air, but we’re not full of hot air.” Perfect for emergencies or those times when you just need a boat that’s as adaptable as your weekend plans. It’s like having a boat that’s always game for a quick deflation party – because why take up space when you can shrink down to storage-friendly dimensions? They’re the chameleons of the maritime realm, transforming from life rafts to recreational fun-mobiles in the blink of an eye. And let’s not forget their glamorous evolution – from basic blow-up buddies to the red carpet-ready Rigid Inflatable boats and the Soft Inflatable Boats, proving that even inflatables can have a fabulous glow-up. Who says boats can’t have an air of sophistication?

Main Types Of Inflatable Boat

Seapro Inflatable RIB

Rigid Inflatable Boat

The RIB or Rigid Inflatable Boat is a developed inflatable which boat is made up of a rigid flooring and hull. This boat has a strong endurance during extreme weather and rough currents.

Seapro Inflatables

Soft Inflatable Boat

The SIB or Soft Inflatable Boat has a low draft and lacks the structural rigidity of the RIB. Due to the absence of any rigid material in its structure, the SIB is foldable and very compact, making it extremely convenient for transportation and usage.

Types of Fabrics used for making Inflatable Boats

Valmex Fabric

Valmex is a blend of various high-quality plastics (including some automotive-grade PVC) and the highest available grade of plasticizer. It costs about double the price of most low-cost PVCs, yet it’s still about half the going rate of Hypalon. Its useable life span as a tube fabric is very similar to Hypalon, at a notably lower cost.

VALMEX® boat is a unique material for manufacturing high-quality inflatable boats used for leisure, sports and professional applications. Several layers of PVC are combined with a Polyester base fabric of high-strength 1100 dtex yarn by melt-roller coating. These single layers give flexibility, elasticity, airtightness and resistance against mechanical damage. VALMEX® boat is abrasion-resistant, UV and weather-resistant, dirt-repellent and insensitive to high temperature conditions. VALMEX® plus products feature higher resistances to various environmental conditions due to an additional acrylic surface finish.

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PVC Fabric

PVC is a vinyl polymer chemically known as polyvinyl chloride. It is a type of plastic that can be thermo-bonded or glued onto polyester or nylon.

  • PVC fabrics are the popular fabrics owing to their strength, elasticity, resistance.
  • It is also easier to repair and has a higher resistance to ultraviolet rays.
  • It has absolute water and sufficient chemical resistance.
  • PVC is also a largely affordable and cost-efficient option as opposed to other fabric options.
  • It is available in a wide array of colour options.

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PVC Fabric used for Boat

Hypalon or Neoprene fabric

Hypalon is a synthetic rubber material and has many applications in the marine industry.

  • It is a material with an excellent capacity for holding air, which makes it a great option for inflatable boats.
  • It is oil resistant.
  • It can be coated on polyester or nylon fabric in addition to an interior coating of neoprene. It has proved to be a very reliable and durable type of fabric.
  • Hypalon fabric lasts for over a decade and endures the harsh weather conditions.
  • Since Hypalon has greater strength and durability, inflatable boats made out of this fabric are more expensive.

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Hypalon Fabric used for Boats